How To Play Baseball Dart Game (Rules, Scoring, Strategy)

by John O. | Mis à jour le : April 1, 2024

To begin with, the baseball dart game is played in “innings” much like Shanghai. The numbers one through nine are used and played in sequence beginning with one – just like baseball has nine innings so does this game.

How To Play Baseball Dart Game?

Players take turns throwing at the number that corresponds to the inning (3rd inning you go for the three, 5th inning the five, etc.) and you can only score off the number in play.

The double and triple ring do count, but the numerical value of the number does not. So, hitting a single of any number that is in play will score you one run. If you hit a double you score two runs and a triple three runs. The best you can do in a round of play then would be nine runs (getting three triples).

Baseball Dart Game



To win you just need to have scored the most points. In the case of a tie, you may opt to go into extra innings until the tie is broken. In the case of extra innings, both players get an equal amount of chances to score. So if player one scores in extra innings, player two gets a chance at-bat, just like real baseball.

Baseball Dart Game Variation (Pitching)

This variation is great practice for throwing bull’s-eyes. Each round players throw six darts. You first throw three darts as pitches. During the pitching round, you shoot for bull’s-eyes; at the end of the pitching round, mark down the number of bull’s-eyes hit.

If you don’t hit any bull’s-eyes, your turn is over and you don’t get to bat. If you got at least one bull’s-eye, you then throw three more darts as your hitting round. The number of runs you score during the hitting round is then multiplied by the number of bull’s-eyes you hit in the pitching round. So if you hit two bull’s-eyes during the pitching round and then scored three during the hitting round, you would score six runs.

Baseball Dart Game Strategy

Like most games where scoring is important, you want to go for the triple ring. Going for the triple ring is where the big points are at! It scores you the most runs and it takes runs to win.

But don’t forget to stay flexible and mix up your game. Being versatile and adapting to different situations will give you the edge and boost your chances of coming out on top. So have fun, aim for those triples, and keep your opponents guessing!

Enjoy the game!