5 Best Tungsten Darts in 2024 (Top Picks & Reviews)

by John O. | Mis à jour le : April 5, 2024


Darts is one globally relished game and is readily available, even for complete newbies, to enjoy. It offers a fun and fulfilling experience, and although it seems like a simple enough throwing game, it still necessitates a world of practice! Every sport in the world requires the proper equipment, and darts is no exception, folks.

To master this game, you need to polish your darts skills while also learning about the best darts in the world and what they entail. When you think about the best darts to buy, then tungsten darts are the way to go. Tungsten is incredibly solid metal, and tungsten darts are of excellent quality and are remarkably durable. The higher the percentage of tungsten in a dart, the better.

In this article, I bring you the best tungsten darts available on the market. You will find everything you need to know about them here. The dart reviews below will provide you ample insight into what each product offers so you can choose the best tungsten darts and begin mastering the game. Let us dive in, shall we?

The 5 Best Tungsten Darts in 2024

1. Viper Sinister Tungsten Steel Tip Darts (Best Tungsten Darts Overall)

Viper Sinister 95 Tungsten Steel Tip Darts 24 Grams Sports Outdoors 5 Best Tungsten Darts in 2024 (Top Picks & Reviews) darts, tungsten

Are you a pro plater seeking the ultimate dart? Then the Viper Sinister dart might just be your faithful partner. A skilled player requires a super-fast dart with a superior barrel and guesses what? The Viper Sinister has it all. It is designed to enhance flight with forced construction.

These best tungsten darts are an excellent choice for those who desire a well-performing darts that are also merciful on the wallet. The Viper Sinister dart is identical to the famous Viper Blitz dart in speed, manufacturing, and execution. Its barrel features a sleek design that empowers you with a fine grip. A good grip can significantly improve your dart control, resulting in better game quality. It consists of 95% tungsten and 5% nickel.

It weighs 22 grams, which is another mark in its favor as this is the ideal weight according to experts. Its tungsten-rich build enables you to accommodate additional darts in a smaller space, which also boosts your score. Furthermore, The Viper Sinister dart also captions aluminum shafts with locking cavities. This trait might be the best way to augment tightness, which could subsequently strengthen the dart’s stability to aid you with better scoring. This is just one more thing why we believe Viper Sinister produces the best tungsten darts!

A unique feature of the Viper Sinister is that it incorporates a rotating shaft. This enables the dart to swivel if it encounters other darts. This dart has innovative fuse point technology that renders this layout distinct from other darts. The fuse point creates the connection between the point and barrel, which then eradicates deflection inflicted by the tip.


This is a dart offering superior performance and if you do not mind a non-textured layout, then, believe me, this dart could switch up your gaming style. The Viper Sinister comes in a package encompassing three nylon shafts, one dart mechanic device, and some ultra-thin dart flights that could make your purchase a complete experience. It's gorgeous design and premium features make it a top choice of many dart players. Therefore, we can definitely claim the Viper Sinister to be the best tungsten darts overall!


  • Aerodynamic build
  • Ultimate control
  • Good traction


  • Requires a lot of practice to perfect shots

2. Cuesoul Tungsten Darts (Best Tungsten Darts for Budget)

CUESOUL Grams Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set 5 Best Tungsten Darts in 2024 (Top Picks & Reviews) darts, tungsten

Cuesoul is a dominant name in the darts market. Why? Because they are most famous for their superior quality, reasonable price, and the love they have received from professional dart players. All of this makes them one of the best tungsten darts on the market. Now that is a true testament of a product’s quality. Owing to its fame and global brand recognition, you can find these darts anywhere in the world. It is the most reviewed dart by professional dart players.

It is made with 90% tungsten, and the shaft of the dart is composed of anodized aluminum, making the dart the epitome of durability. This high-end material incorporation is what sets this dart aside from others. The Cuesoul dart has weight ranges of 26, 28, 30 grams, and you can opt for any of these as per your comfort level.

The reason for its popularity lies in its barrel that features eleven hand-printed grooved bands and the four tiny, knurled clamps that help retain the balance and consistency as you throw this dart. Trust me, this dart is designed with the maximum aerodynamics in mind, and it delivers excellent performance. No wonder pro players love it!

The makers of this dart also gave special attention to determining its appropriate size and diameter. Its overall build is excellent for retaining the dart’s accuracy and stability level. It comes with six aluminum shafts, six thin flights, and a price tag to make your jaw drop with happiness. However, there is more; it also comes with a protective case for your darts.


While it is a favorite of pro dart players for its high-quality build and features, a beginner might require excessive practice to get the hang of it. But once you do, it will lend great precision to your shots. Nonetheless, if you desire a dart that always shoots smoothly and swiftly and never deteriorates your game quality, then Cuesoul might just be your best option. Cuesoul is definitely one of the best tungsten darts in the market!


  • Top-quality material
  • Sturdy
  • Excellent flight


  • The case is made of low-quality material

3. Harrows Predator (Best Tungsten Darts for Ultimate Grip)

Harrows Predator 90% Tungsten Steel Tip

Harrows are the producer of some outstanding and the best tungsten darts, and that is a fact, period. Now with Harrows Predator, they have taken things up a notch with exquisite design, high-level durability, and the top-level grip range. This professional-level steel tip dart has a 90% tungsten barrel with incredible attention to detail. It shoots off excellently and has a solid build. Its tungsten shaft makes for a fantastic option due to its increased weight to volume proportion. Moreover, it can withstand repeated usage and sports a slimmer barrel design.

The natural grip and the close-to-center equilibrium point might render this dart perfect for players of all skill levels. The dart has three clutching zones on the barrel that could adapt to various grips. Therefore, if you have a front, central, or rear grip tendency, you might feel most at ease with this dart. However, it is a tad heavy in the front, though you can adjust that by modifying the shaft.

Another unique trait you might enjoy is the spiked ring areas that are rather grippy. It is not too aggressive and gives good control and feeling overall. The dart features a bull-nose and comes with a narrow barrel with minor tapering in the middle. The barrel’s diameter is 7mm, and the titanium nitride dart covering strengthens the grips. It also considerably preserves the barrel from chipping.


In the package, the Predator dart includes a tip protector, three dart barrels, and a fusion shaft with flights at an affordable price. This might be an excellent dart for beginners and professionals alike for its versatility. Its biggest trait, along with its reinforced layout, is the grip quality. The grip puts it a step above the competitors and can make a huge difference for players of all kinds. This product could easily be among the best options in the market.


  • Value for money
  • No slipping
  • Amazing balance


  • The flights tend to fall out

4. Viper Blitz Tungsten Darts  (Best Tungsten Steel Tip Dart)

Viper Blitz 95 Tungsten Steel Tip jpg 5 Best Tungsten Darts in 2024 (Top Picks & Reviews) darts, tungsten

The Viper Blitz dart is deemed among the top steel tip darts in the market as it is composed of 95% tungsten with robust steel tips. This production is the ultimate reason why they are the best tungsten darts with so much love and recognition. In darts, tungsten is one superbly performing metal, and when blended with nickel in this product, it is unstoppable. It features a slim form barrel, giving it an edge over darts that do not incorporate dual metals.

Owing to the increased quantity of tungsten, this dart is quicker and steadier than most darts, and it will benefit you by maximizing your scoring and refining your throw skills. Another great feature of this dart is that regardless of your skill level, be it beginner, intermediate, or pro, you might be hard-pressed to find any issues with its grips.

It promises to be extra durable than others in this price range. For a dart player, it is crucial to avoid broken tips, and often, it catches you by surprise. However, with this dart’s steel tip, you might have to say farewell to tip breaking. To enable outstanding gripping, the barrel in this dart is meticulously positioned with a knurled ring and thick grooves.

The Blitz offers four distinct grip techniques: ringed, large knurl, five-banded knurl, and shark-finned knurl. Therefore, if you usually encounter trouble with the grip, Viper Blitz might be your most suitable option.


The richness of tungsten makes it a little pricey but when it comes to superior performance, trust me, you will find this product to be the ultimate choice. It features a spinning shaft structure that will curtail the possibilities of deflection. The package comes with six flights and six shafts. The size of the flight is more substantial, making the dart extra steady and elegant.


  • Bigger grip spacing
  • Elegant travel case
  • Consistent throws


  • Tips can get loose after repetitive use

5. Shot! Darts 9Ti 2 Series Dart (Best Design and Performance)

Shot! Darts 9Ti2 0 Series-Soft Tip Dart Set-Front Weighted-90% Tungsten Barrels

Who does not enjoy a beautiful, slim, and long dart? However, if you get quality along with appearance, then it a double treat! That is what ‘Shot!’ offers with its 9Ti tungsten darts. Shot! Darts 9Ti is a middle-weighted dart that features an upright barrel. It consists of 95% tungsten, so you know it will offer fantastic durability. This dart gets a lot of appreciation for the immense value it provides.

The dart sports a conventional, even ring layout across its barrel. The even grip, with its middle balance point, renders this product suitable for most darters. If you are a beginner or intermediate player, then this might be a very fitting choice for you. While it offers a medium grip range overall, its radial bands have a very distinctive feel.

The design of this dart is gorgeous with its long and lean form and titanium nitride coating that lends it a classy and expensive look. The coating also helps to curtail glare to enable visibility and keep the dart from any chipping or scratching. So not only does it have an elegant design, but it is also damage resistant.

The barrel is relatively thin and of medium density, leading to tighter grouping on the dartboard. The 9Ti comes suited with Laro shafts and Shot!’s signature 100 micron flights. The shafts are prepared from polycarbonate to assure strength. Additionally, the tip has a height of 35 mm. For the flight traits, the dart flies off straight with the least swaying. Shot! Darts 9Ti closes our list of 5 best tungsten darts in 2024!


The dart feels very solid to touch, and as expected, it also has a premium build. 9Ti is a professional-level dart that offers you terrific performance while having mercy on your wallet. Its flights have a small size range with standard shape to provide maximum life and stability when you throw the dart. So quality, looks, and value for money all in one? Yes, please!


  • Stable flying
  • Improves scoring
  • Superb aerodynamics


  • Limited grip range

Final Words

As I explained, tungsten material is very reliable when it comes to darts, but it all boils down to personal preferences. All best tungsten darts I reviewed above offer unique features to help you refine specific skills.

Are you looking to identify your ideal grip? Or do you want a gorgeous design with ultimate performance, or need the perfect balance and stability for shots? You can opt for one of these 5 best tungsten darts that are most tailored to what you seek, and it will surely help you in brushing up your throwing skills.

It is best if you also know how much tungsten you prefer or if you are partial to a blend of tungsten with some other metal.