Winmau Dartboards (Buying Guide and Review)

by John O. | Mis à jour le : April 1, 2024

winmau dartboardWinmau is the top manufacture of bristle Winmau dartboards in the world. They are also the top manufacture of military-grade, tungsten-made darts. Winmau has been in business for over 65 years and is the official dart manufacture for ESPN televised Lakeside World Professional as well as BBC and darts championships. Winmau is also the official British Darts Organization endorsed brand and has been for 35 years. Winmau distributes dartboards to over 70 countries worldwide and is the leading manufacture in innovation and design.


Winmau Dartboards, Darts, and Other Products

Winmau sells dartboards, darts, dart sets, flights, shafts, cabinets, dartboard surrounds, and other accessories.



All of Winmau’s bristle dartboards are made from the finest sisal fibers with different variations of the most advanced wiring systems. Their boards include; The Blade 4, the Blade 4 Champion’s Choice, the Blade 4 Dual Core, Rebel, Pro SFB, and Diamond Plus. Winmau also offers a line of specialty boards including; two types of Fives boards, the Yorkshire, and a Budwiser graphic board.

Winmau also sells one electric soft tip machine with 18 games that can be played by up to 8 players at one time.



winmau dars

Winmau has soft tip and steel tip darts that are the number 1 darts in the world;

  • Soft tip – Soft tip darts are offered in Tungsten, fusion alloy, gold plated, nickel silver, and brass. Winmau also has a collection of professional player darts that are soft-tipped.
  • Steel tip – Winmau’s steel tip darts come in the same variety of options as their soft tip.

Flights – Winmau offers tons of styles of flights in slim, standard, plus, and pear designs. Some of the options include; 3D, embossed, extra thick, poly, oversized, and Budwiser.

Shafts – Winmau’s shaft options include;

  • Aluminum
  • Anodised re-grooved aluminum
  • re-grooved aluminum revolving
  • Anodised aluminum revolving
  • Anodised aluminum
  • Bubble
  • Carbon fiber
  • Colour collection re-grooved
  • Diamond cut
  • Flexible quiver
  • Laser-etched
  • Nylon revolving
  • Nylon
  • Nylon with spring
  • V-grooved aluminum
  • Viper
  • Winmau signature collection

Dartboard surrounds – Winmau offers surrounds in Ton Machine 4 Piece surrounds or Winmau colored surrounds with or without logos.

Cabinets – Winmau cabinets are made from high-quality veneer and are available in beech, black, rosewood, birch. These cabinets will fit any bristle dartboard made by Winmau and have “home” and “away” chalkboard scorekeeping areas on the inside. The doors close with a magnetic system. These cabinets are available plain or with a few designs including the Budwiser logo.

Accessories – Winmau offers all kinds of accessories including; dart cases, a professional dart set, floor mats, phone apps, electronic scorers and apparel.


Best Winmau Bristle Dartboard – Blade 4

Winmau-Blade-4-Dual-Core-Dartboard-0-2The Blade 4 is a bristle dartboard with cutting-edge wiring technology. The wire system is made from strong thin wire that is designed to deflect darts into the scoring segments. This system means that you are far less likely to have bounce-outs and a lot more likely to hit the scoring sections.

If you are looking for a great bristle dartboard or top-of-the-line darts Winmau is the company to buy from. They offer products across the board for every aspect of darts, giving you limitless options, and are always on top of technology creating more ways to improve your game.